Texas Covid Vaccination:
Covid vaccinations in Texas is underway. State of Texas has also published @1/24/2021 COVID VACCINE HUB PROVIDER LIST. The list provides vital information by each county. In addition, We also recommend all viewers to review the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Map which is a great source for checking community wide covid vaccination resources. For more details on the latest news we advise to please check the Texas state vaccination website.
Latest Texas Covid Breaking News- Critical Stage:
Covid-19 is still spreading in Texas at an alarming rate. Texascovid19 is developing new API data on vaccination rates (Ist shot) and positivity rates in major urban centers of Texas. We urge our viewers to pay a close attention to these numbers and follow the local health guidelines and the latest local health data. Additional vital data trends can also be viewed for the top 22 urban counties of Texas.
As shown in the table the percentage of vaccination in major urban counties of Texas is pretty low (less then 10%). So we have a long way to go before we can get a significant impact on general population to reach the herd levels.

Latest Covid-19 Cases in the U.S.

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Videos of Covid-19 Long Haulers
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