State of Texas-Vaccine Information/strong> @ 1/19/2020
As reported on the State website there are 5 vaccine stages for Texas residents.
Stage 1-A/ Stage 1B. These are the two current plans underway as of Dec 14, 2020. Please review more details directly from the State website noted below.
Stage 1-C- Under Consideration
Stage 2- Under Consideration
Stage 3- Under Consideration

State of Texas-Main Website for Vaccination schedules and directives can be accessed here State Vaccine Website. Other details on specific aspects of the plan are noted below.
Texas Vaccination Plan (PDF)
Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel
Vaccine Allocation Guiding Principles (PDF)
Phase 1A: Who Gets Vaccine First (PDF)
Phase 1B: Who Gets Vaccine Next (PDF)
Week 1 Vaccine Allocation (PDF)
Week 2 Vaccine Allocation (PDF)
V-safe Information Sheet (PDF)
CDC Vaccine Information
FDA Vaccine Information