AISD COVID-19 test FAQs: How much does it cost? Will I have to wait in line?

Testing will be from Wednesday, Dec. 2, through Friday, Dec. 4.

AUSTIN, Texas — In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Austin Independent School District transitioned to remote-only instruction for the week following Thanksgiving break, Nov. 30 to Dec. 4, after Travis County entered Stage 4 of its coronavirus risk-based guidelines.

The district is also providing COVID-19 tests to staff, students and family members from Wednesday, Dec. 2, through Friday, Dec. 4. 

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Here are some FAQs and answers regarding COVID-19 testing, according to AISD.

Question: How much does testing cost?

Testing is completely free.

Question: Am I still able to register for testing?

No. Registration closed at 7 p.m. on Dec. 1, but you can still get tested at Dobie Middle School (North) and Mendez Middle School (South) Thursday and Friday between 1-3 p.m.

Question: Will I have to wait in line at a testing site?

There may be a wait time and lines. The testing process takes a few minutes. If you’re worried about a line, AISD recommends signing up for testing at one of the following, smaller testing sites: Dobie Middle School, Mendez Middle School and Travis Early College High School. 

Question: How long does testing take?

The entire process takes about five to seven minutes, depending on wait time with lines at testing sites.

Question: I am an on-campus AISD employee. Can my non-AISD family members get tested with on-site testing at Northeast Early College High School or Burger Stadium?

No. On-site, family testing through Austin Public Health is for families of students. AISD said, however, that staff can sign up at a nearby APH testing site to get their family members tested.

Question: How will I get my results?

If you test positive, you will receive a call that same day. If you test negative, you will not be called the same day. Everyone who takes a test will receive their results within 48 hours via email and text.

Question: Can I wait on-site for my test results?

No. You will receive your results through call, email or text in order to reduce traffic build-up.

Question: If I am working or learning on campus, but do not attend school or work at one of the testing sites, can I still get tested, even though it is not my home campus? 

Question: Can I wait until next week when campuses reopen to get tested?

Testing on campuses is by appointment only. You will need to register at one of the mass testing sites.

Question: Is testing required for me to return to campus next week?

Question: Will I need to get out of the car during testing? Will you accept walk-ups? 

The testing sites are drive-thru only. No walk-ups will be accepted.

Question: Does testing hurt, and is it a nasopharyngeal swab? 

No, it will not hurt, and it is not a nasopharyngeal swap. A nasal swab will be used.

If you have any other questions, contact the Department of Health Services at 

WATCH: Austin ISD classes remote-only through Dec. 4 


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