Blood plasma therapy on covid patients- FDA grants approval

FDA approved an application from John Hopkins University (JH) to start trial on using blood plasma on covid-19 patients. The blood sera from recovered covid-19 patients will be used to treat critically ill patients and also to boost immune systems of our front line healthcare workers and the first responders.

The University has developed a trained team of consultants comprising of a network of hospitals and blood banks. The primary purpose of this trial would be to collect, isolate, and process blood plasma from covid-19 patients.

It should be noted that since March 28, 11 patients in New York City & Houston have already received this treatment.  Scientists refer to this therapy as a convalescent plasma therapy or passive antibody therapy.  It appears that such a therapy is an interim option as it has a short life span. According to a recent article on this therapy, lab scientists have to make sure that the donated plasma contains neutralizing anti-bodies. We will continue to follow up on the results of this therapy and will update viewers in the near future.

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