Biolog-id Joins Forces With Lifeshare Blood Center to Combat Covid-19

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LifeShare Blood Center deploys Biolog-id’ s Cutting-Edge Technology Providing Digital Visibility to Convalescent Plasma Containing Antibodies from Recovered COVID-19 Patients

ATLANTA — Biolog-id, LLC, a world leader in connected solutions for blood and other high value health products, announced today that LifeShare Blood Center, a leading provider of blood products in the South Central United States, implemented Biolog-id’s RFID-enabled, data analytics solution in its blood supply chain. The deployed solution provides real-time visibility to convalescent plasma from collection to distribution, streamlining inventory, improving efficiency, and ultimately maximizing Return on Donation. Better visibility to the inventory facilitates efficient management of convalescent plasma, and so increases the availability of these scarce and valuable antibodies to the COVID-19 patients who need them.

“Biolog-id LLC has been a strategic partner to our industry, filling a gap in the timely delivery of convalescent plasma,” said Monica Kalvelage, Chief Operations Officer, of LifeShare Blood Center. “Their innovative technology automates a crucial process, enabling a more efficient inventory management and delivery of critical convalescent plasma to COVID-19 patients.”

“The ability to quickly respond to changes in market needs is key to Biolog-id,” said Amit Mayer, VP Innovation & Analytics at Biolog-id LLC. “As a team we were able to move from defining the Covid-19 convalescent plasma solution to implementing it within weeks, all in close cooperation with LifeShare.”

“Convalescent plasma presents LifeShare Blood Center with an incredible opportunity to positively impact the population they serve. Facilitating their move to a digital future on our platform has been a pleasure,” said Troy L. Hilsenroth, CEO Biolog-id LLC. “We are at an exciting time in Biolog-id’s evolution as organizations continue to adopt our solutions to unlock desired operational, clinical, and financial value.

Enabling a new standard of care of how high-value products in healthcare are distributed, stored, utilized, and tracked are central to Biolog-id LLC’s vision.

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id has developed a patented smart solution for the management and traceability of sensitive, high-value health products throughout the hospital supply chain to ensure safe delivery from donor to patient. Biolog-id operates in North America, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific region and has 100 employees worldwide. Biolog-id is owned by its founder, managers, and the Xerys Funds.

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About LifeShare Blood Center

In 1942 civic-minded residents who realized a blood bank was needed for emergencies created by WWII, founded the Shreveport Memorial Blood Bank. Operating as a nonprofit organization, during its 70 years the blood bank has had different names to reflect its growth. It is now LifeShare Blood Center, operating throughout much of Louisiana, plus east Texas and southern Arkansas.



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