Bob Hurlbut, CEO of The Avon Nursing Home Writes To Genesee Sun In Response To our Article Published Yesterday

Robert DeLena

Bob Hurlbut requested the following information be shared with you in response to this article –

Media Statement
Yesterday, our Avon Nursing Home received testing kits which enabled us to proactively test 21 residents who were not tested in the last week. Of those 21 residents, one resident had a positive test with two results still pending. This resident has been under an isolation protocol as a possible COVID-19 case since their roommate tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks ago. Both residents were moved into separate isolation rooms upon receiving a positive COVID-19 test result.

Our facility’s first confirmed COVID-19 case was a resident who was sent to the hospital on March 20 for non-COVID-19 related needs. Upon their return on March 25, hospital discharge paperwork stated that this resident was ‘flu/RSV negative, and COVID-19 was also ruled out,’ but a test was not conducted. This individual presented COVID-19 symptoms within five days of their return and tested positive for the virus on March 31st. This resident was placed in a private room and all CDC and DOH precautions were taken. However, physical distancing is nearly impossible in the nursing home environment, because of the intimate care required and size of our facility.

We feel this resulted in multiple positive cases of COVID-19 in our small facility. Additionally, on March 25 NYSDOH mandated that nursing homes accept residents with confirmed or suspected COVID-19. This mandate is still in effect today and continues to have a substantial impact across all our facilities. We need the State to end the mandate requiring nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients from hospitals.

Additionally, the State continues to control the distribution of PPE but has not provided it to area County Offices for Emergency Management (OEMs), who rely on this supply to support nursing facilities. Our OEM’s and are doing their best to get us what supplies they have, but it is not enough.

Instead of placing blame on the facilities who’s healthcare heroes put themselves at risk every day to care for our elderly, maybe it’s time to start looking at these flawed mandates and reporting directives from the State and the Governor’s office that has put our facility and residents at risk.

Robert DeLena

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