Brazos County reports 6 new COVID-19 cases, 188 total | News

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Six new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Brazos County on Tuesday, raising the total number of confirmed cases in the county to 188.

There were no new reported deaths from the virus. Sixteen people have died from the new coronavirus in Brazos County to date.

Medical officials said there are 86 active cases in the county, which is four more than Monday’s total. There have been 3,419 tests performed.

Two new patients have recovered from COVID-19; Brazos County’s total number of patients recovered is 86. Recovered patients are defined as someone who has been fever-free for 72 hours without fever-reducing medication and has been seven days removed from the onset of symptoms. 

There were seven patients hospitalized Tuesday, which is the same as Monday’s total. No patients were discharged from the hospital. Clusters account for 47.9 percent of all cases. Community spread accounts for 41 percent. Travel accounts for 11.2 percent.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Monday he is letting the statewide stay-at-home order expire Thursday and allowing some businesses to begin opening in phases when the month of May begins Friday.

The Brazos County Health District will have its next news conference to provide updates on COVID-19 Thursday at 4:30 p.m. with local medical officials. The press conference can be seen at or on our Facebook page.

I’ve been picking dewberries.

Linda Goodwin, College Station

It’s finally swimming pool weather.

Carson Langston, Franklin

I love my little sister.

Lillie and Ivy Holmes, College Station

I received a letter in the mail from one of my best friends.

Maddie Marcum, College Station

We enjoy being silly.

Krista, Tate, Helen and Zane Thomson, College Station

I finally got Willie’s takeout.

Justin Kruse, College Station

I get to play outside.

Isabelle Griffin, College Station

The weather has been gorgeous.

Peyton and Camryn Hix, College Station

of popsicles.

Madison Supak, College Station

It’s my 15th birthday.

Madee Hodges, College Station

I am getting to hang out at my home.

Kelly Weido, Bryan

I get to ride my bike today.

Kathy Langlotz, College Station

I’m going to be a big cousin.

Willow Schill, College Station

I’m spending time with family and friends.

Camryn Skaggs, Bryan

I love the agriculture industry.

Miranda Skaggs, Bryan

I’m eating food.

Bentley Zemanek, College Station

I got to show my heifer this week.

Will Philipello, Bryan

BCR Ventures put on an awesome event for the youth.

Hallie Garlick, Bryan

I’m just happy to be here.

Adrian McDonald, Bryan

I get to come home and visit my family.

Dawn Bratton, Athens

It’s spring break.

Jordan Little, Bryan

I’m watching my future daughter-in-law at the rodeo.

Kristin Little, Bryan

I’m happy to be back in Texas visiting my mom.

Misty Walker, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

My heifer looks good.

Brigham Kelley, La Grange

It’s spring break.

Garrett Stutts, Iola

I’m hoping to win a BTHO Coronavirus buckle.

Hallie Sigler, Bryan

We’re at the last Aggie men’s home basketball game and it’s been such an exciting season.

Courtney Collard, College Station

My school’s basketball team made it to state.

Brooklynne Miller, College Station

College Station High School is at the state championships.

Stephanie Garcia, College Station

Our girls made it to the state championship game.

Lou Arth, College Station

All the donors at Exploration Day are having the best day ever.

Margo Lamb, College Station

I’m about to graduate.

Allyson McDonald, Caldwell

I get to spend my day with 42 amazing kids.

Heather Kaldis, Brenham

It is a beautiful day.

Juan Cuellar, College Station

I’m watching my first track meet at A&M.

Carson Llewellyn, Houston

I get to watch track.

Luke Llewellyn, Houston

My kids and grandkids are all here for the track meet.

Jeanne Harrell, College Station

I’m at Texas A&M making my parents proud.

Sophia Escobar, College Station

I made a 100 on my quiz today.

Mikalah Taylor, College Station

I’m a student at A&M.

Bailey Orr, College Station

The Aggies know how to do layups.

Jude Otto, College Station

It’s my last semester of college.

Katie Sheeler, College Station

I love ice cream.

Marissa Garcia, College Station

It’s my first winter in Texas in 81 years.

Gerald Bruxvoort, College Station

The Aggies are winning.

Mary Ann Otto, College Station

I got a plant.

Hagen Bach, College Station

I get the opportunity to educate fellow students about a healthy diet.

Gabi Hancher, College Station

I’m a successful real estate photographer.

Tyler Smith, College Station

I’m front row for basketball.

Avrie Ryan, College Station

Good friends and free shirts.

Rachel Halliday, College Station

It’s $1 weenie night.

Aaron Bertie, College Station

I get to watch Aggie basketball with all my friends.

Sam Toeniskoetter, College Station

BigShots Golf Aggieland is coming to town.

Sammi Trehern, College Station

I’m helping CSISD fund summer camp for children.

Jacqueline Culpepper, College Station

I attended the Four Chaplains Memorial.

Roger Martinez, College Station

I have a new granddaughter coming.

Brenda Ponzio, Bryan

I got to see my best friend from high school.

Callie Garner, College Station

I’m seeing Daniel Tiger with my granddaughters.

Tony De La Rosa, Bryan

I have good friends and a good community

Hannah Doncov, Caldwell

I’m blessed.

Maria Velasquez, Bryan

I am chatting with my friend about something funny.

Jacy Murdock, League City

I am working my first performance as a MSC OPAS manager.

Emily Hudson, San Antonio

I got snacks.

Tiana Curtis, College Station

A&M is going to win this game.

Mila Dark, Bryan

I’m going to Breakaway tonight and God is good

Emily Hinton, Berlin, Germany

I’m spending time with my sister.

MaKayla Trejo, Bryan

I’m having fun with my mom right now,

Alan Garcia, College Station

I’m laughing with a friend about something a professor did.

Emma Saiter, Dallas

It’s great to be an Aggie.

Hunter Syas, College Station

I am in town for an overnight with the Corps of Cadets.

Patrick McGoldrick, Cypress

I’m playing with my friends.

Jordyn Bice, College Station

It’s a good day.

Blake Wallace, College Station

God blessed me with great people.

McLenda Wells, Franklin

The weather is warming up.

Jenn Han, College Station

It’s been a good day.

Rowan Green, Houston

We’re off of school today.

Camden Wallace, College Station

I get to spend time with my daughter

Jennifer Quin, College Station

I’m home.

Ersha Mitchell, Bryan

We are registering people to vote.

Ryan Young, Knoxville, TN

I get to spend time with my mom in the beautiful weather.

London Quin, College Station

I love my school.

Kennedy Sharp, College Station

I’m taking pictures with my friend Kennedy.

Paige Pryor, College Station

Because it’s the first day back for slackline Friday in Academic Plaza.

Charlie Hickman, Grapevine

I’m back with my Aggie community and friends.

Zoie Seabaugh, College Station

Rudder girls’ basketball is 22-2.

Bryanna Turner, Bryan

I’m starting off a good year.

December White, College Station

Because I’m learning about history.

Jack Mullally, Cypress

I’m graduating in May.

Abigail Bon, Bryan

There was no line to pick up my textbooks.

Sofia Pineda, Austin

Sofia Pineda, Austin

I celebrated my birthday on Dec. 31.

Eavin Antony, College Station

I’m glad to be back teaching kids in school.

Connie Moss, College Station

I’m reliving the ’80s.

Andy Mullally, Cypress

I had a good Christmas break.

Noel White, College Station

I’m cute.

Dre’Kavian Minor, College Station

It’s the new year.

Maren Mullally, Cypress

I love Rudder basketball.

Kellee Palmer, Bryan

Because I’m getting to learn more about and honor our past president.

Paige Mullally, Cypress

I’m at Reed Arena.

Brenda Sims, College Station

Texas A&M beat Oklahoma State at the bowl game.

Ryan Perez, College Station

I’m blessed.

Diane Ellis, College Station

It’s bowl season.

Nic Hutcheson, College Station

The Lady Cougars won the championship at the Aggieland Invitational tournament.

Tiffany Parkerson, College Station

I got a break off from school.

Ethan Fry, College Station

My sister is in town.

Rachael Porterfield, Bryan

I’m in town visiting my family for Christmas.

Kim Bender, Salem, Oregon

I’ve got one semester left of high school.

DeAnthony Pittman, Bryan

I love the Christmas season and spending time with family and friends.

Elizabeth Wilson, College Station

I’m going to see ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ today.

Daegan Curtiss, Bryan

I’m happy to work at the food bank.

Virginia Hernandez, Bryan

It is a beautiful day outside.

Timeria Conley, Houston

It’s Christmastime.

Enrique Luna, Bryan

I’m enjoying my new school.

Alexandria Blankenship, Bryan

I can run really fast.

Grey Ware, Bryan

The Green Bay Packers beat the Bears on Sunday.

Jason B. Johnston, Bryan

It’s almost Christmas.

Jamie Maury, College Station

Jamie Maury, College Station

I live in the greatest place in America.

Rob Havens, College Station

I just finished my first semester as an Aggie.

Grace Vaughn, College Station

I’m with my friends.

Joey Thompson, Bryan

I’m going snowboarding soon for the very first time.

Benjamin Frerich, Bryan

It’s Christmastime.

Avery Callazo, College Station

I got a new pair of pink Crocs.

MaKenzie Blake, College Station

I made a 100% on my final.

Hailey Motsenbocker, College Station

I’m going to have a great dinner tonight.

Madison Jaco, College Station

I made it through the semester.

Dalton Wages, College Station

It’s Christmastime.

Debbie Stewart, Schulenburg

I didn’t have to cook today.

Darby Albracht, Amarillo

My children and grandchildren are here visiting.

Cherry Jackson, College Station

I’m here in College Station with my family.

Kayli Morgan, Gilbert, Arizona

The weather’s so nice.

Doug Stewart, Schulenburg

My three grandchildren are in town.

Stephanie Steinhauser, Flatonia

Santa Claus is coming to town.

Alex Loomer, Asheville, N.C.

It’s almost Christmas.

Ashley An, Austin

The holiday season is here.

Benjamine Price, College Station

I get to see my nine-month-old niece this weekend.

Kristan Stegall, College Station

I’m making people’s bellies not hungry anymore.

Nikki Miller, College Station

I love the books at TAMU Press.

Rachel Hicks, College Station

I love making people happy.

Berkley Bayer, College Station

God is good.

Dennis Hoffman, Bryan

It’s all about the little things.

Julie Salwen, College Station

My professor canceled class.

Khrystean Poole, College Station

I finally got a new pair of boots.

Paige Fuller, Bryan

I’m thankful to be giving back.

Benita Garcia, Bryan

I’m just happy.

Mercedez Gutierrez, Bryan

I’m having a really great day.

Sarah Rutherford, College Station

The semester’s almost over.

John Eigel, College Station

I hate the cold weather but I love being warm.

Rebekah Potter, College Station

I love my teacup poodle.

Ashlyn Workman, College Station

I’m an Aggie.

Alex Newcomb, College Station

I get to see hundreds of children’s smiling faces every day.

Jessica Saragosa, Bryan

I like beating Dad when we play Minecraft.

Braxton Mims, Bryan

It’s Veterans Day, and I’m a vet. Happy Veterans Day from one vet to all of you others out there.

Rick Eimon, College Station

I’m happy to be taking part in this year’s UIL oral reading competition.

Marissa Martinez, Bryan

I have awesome band students.

Bre Osbourn, Bryan

You have to stay positive when exams are coming up.

Luis Alvarado, Houston

I love my dogs like they were my children.

Sophia Dallis, College Station

A smile is the best way to start the day.

Sarah Lawhorne, College Station

I love my great students.

Julie Henry, College Station

“I love my great students.”

I have the best co-workers.

Heather Doyle, Bryan

Heather Doyle, Bryan

I have an amazing family.

Jill Renfro, Bryan

I got my braces off.

Brittaney Williams, Bryan

I got 10 hours of sleep last night.

Courtney Lowell, College Station

God is awesome.

Diane Garcia, Bryan

I’m kicking butt in fantasy basketball.

Daniel Levi, College Station

I watched three good movies this weekend.

Will McCullough, College Station

“I watched three good movies this weekend.”

I enjoy where I work.

Dina Grimsbo, College Station

Dave McDermand

I’ve made progress playing the guitar.

Jose Guel, College Station

I just got an “A” on an exam.

Auhlaedra Carey-Johnson, Bryan

I get to work with my friends.

Jacqueline Madrano, Bryan

I’m going to the Ren fest.

Ashley Reed, Bryan

I get to work with amazing colleagues.

Wendy Lee, Bryan

God has blessed me with a wonderful family.

Wendy Kay, College Station

Wendy Kay, College Station

I get to hang out with my students.

Cameron Dague, College Station

Cameron Dague, College Station

I’m with a friend picking out pumpkins to paint.

Annie Li, College Station

It’s starting to feel like fall.

Jadyn DeVerna, College Station

I’m getting off work soon.

Tamara Toliver, College Station

I just moved here from up north.

Carmela Kelley, College Station

I’m with my sister-in-law.

Jane’t Falcone, College Station

We don’t have Shy-Anne practice.

Merilyn Moore, Bryan

I finished all my tests this week.

Kambrie Bomnskie, Bryan

I chipped a hole-in-one during practice.

Mia Garza, Bryan

I’m a fightin’ Texas Aggie.

Kendra Litzen, College Station

I don’t have any food on my teeth.

Diego Reyes, College Station

It’s beautiful weather outside.

Lauren Falcone, College Station

The Aggies are gonna whip Alabama.

Daniel Wood, College Station

I’m having lunch with my boyfriend.

Alejandra Ramirez, College Station

Alejandra Ramirez, College Station

It’s fall season.

Crin Tayrn, College Station

I’m learning about Young Living essential oils.

Renee Willis, Bryan

I’m in Downtown Bryan with friends.

Leslie Borski, Bryan

I’m partying with some of my favorite old co-workers.

Erin Wiley, College Station

I’m hanging out with my kid.

Brandee Allen, College Station

All the good music in Texas.

Andrea Young, Austin

Andrea Young, Austin

I live in Bryan.

Ronnie Tubbs, Bryan

Ronnie Tubbs, Bryan

I just got a free cookie on my first night working at Reed Arena.

Anna Peterson, College Station

I’m going home this weekend.

Angelina Alcantar, College Station

We play Arkansas this weekend.

Natalie Hoffmann, College Station

God is good.

Heidi Wood, Flower Mound

I’m ready to tackle this naval science exam.

Daniel Garcia, San Clemente, California

I’m visiting the newly renovated Larry J. Ringer Library.

Courtney Hawes, College Station

Courtney Hawes, College Station

We just got a new boxer puppy.

Grace Corrier, College Station

Grace Corrier, College Station

I love St. Jude.

Grace Lee, College Station

Grace Lee, College Station

My roommate is bringing me Chick-fil-A.

Kelsey Myers, College Station

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