Certain Death Penalty Drugs Can Help COVID-19 Patients—But Some States Aren’t Turning Them Over


Certain paralytics and sedatives used during lethal injection can immobilize and sedate COVID-19 patients who need ventilators, but some states that allow the death penalty are not sharing any information about their stockpiles, perhaps because many pharmaceutical companies are reluctant to provide drugs for executions.

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Earlier this month, a group of healthcare officials and experts wrote an open letter to state correctional facility officials asking them to divert these medicines to hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

According to the Associated Press, Arkansas, Texas, Utah and Wyoming claimed not to have the drugs, while Alabama and Florida did not respond.

Public records, which offer limited information about execution stockpiles, indicate that Florida, Nevada and Tennessee have at least enough medicine to treat 137 patients, according to the Hill, while Oklahoma’s supply is unknown.

While these drugs may only alleviate “a small fraction of the total anticipated deaths,” the letter argues, attempting to save each life “it is a central ethical directive.”

And, as Slate notes, the emergency drug shortage is so dire that the Drug Enforcement Administration recently eased restrictions on production and importation.

In the past nine years, 13 states have implemented laws that conceal information about the execution process, according to the nonpartisan Death Penalty Information Center.


“At this crucial moment for our country, we must prioritize the needs and lives of patients above ending the lives of prisoners,” the open letter concludes.


25. That’s how many states allow the death penalty. Three others—Califonia, Oregon and Pennsylvania—have governor-induced moratoriums on the practice.


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