Community concert for woman with COVID-19 long haul

Ya-Marie Sesay

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Medical experts are still trying to learn more about the long-term effects of COVID-19. For one Lansing woman who had the virus about 8 months ago, she’s still trying to get answers to why she’s having so many health problems.

Nellie Carzo is dealing with what doctors call post covid-19 syndrome or covid long haulers. She says she’s been in and out of the hospital due to her health problems after having the virus.
“It’s kind of been a roller coaster. I don’t want to say I’m not giving up, I’m looking for answers,” said Corzo.

Two months after recovering from COVID-19, Corzo started to develop new symptoms that she says she’s dealing with today.

“I get pain in my ears, pain in my head, pain in my neck, vibrations and trimmers, earaches, you know a lot of heat on the inside, feelings of electricity, a lot of fatigue,” she said. “A lot of body pain, and it hurts sometimes even when my two-year-old would come to hug me.”

She says her most recent symptom was gastrointestinal issues, which led to her losing nearly 40 pounds.

“That ended up to where I had so much pain when I would eat that I actually had lost quite a bit of weight and a very small amount of time, which resulted in me getting a nasal feeding tube,” she said.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, there’s no clear answer on why some people have long-term effects compared to others. Medical experts are still learning more about post-covid-19 symptoms.
Nellie’s husband Josh Corzo says the uncertainties and unanswered questions have made it tough.

“I made it my job every day to encourage her, to push her to want to be better, to do better, and let her know that there is hope. That there is light at the other end, just to keep fighting,” he said.

But being in and out of the hospital left her family in thousands of dollars in debt. So her family and other neighbors decided to hold a benefit concert to help with those hefty bills and lift Nellie’s spirits.

“This is a big help towards our finances to be able to see the specialist that we need to get here the proper help that she needs,” said her husband Josh.

Nellie and her loved ones want to raise more attention about post-covid-19 syndrome.

“So that they can get the proper help that they need and have the doctors do the research that they need to do to be able to find a cure for what’s going on with everybody,” her husband said.

Nellie says her experience has taught her to appreciate the smaller things in life.

“There’s still a lot, I have a ways to go but I’m faithful that it’s going to get better,” she said.

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