Community leaders ask citizens to help fight the coronavirus

Community leaders issued a statement Thursday asking citizens to help fight COVID-19 by following proper precautions.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Community leaders from Shannon Medical Center, the City of San Angelo, the San Angelo Independent School District, GAFB – 17th Training Wing, Angelo State University and Howard College issued a joint statement for residents of San Angelo and the surrounding areas.

Here is the full statement: 

“To our family, friends and neighbors,

As community leaders, we all share the same mission of providing the best quality of life for all individuals and families who live, work, play and learn in San Angelo and its surrounding areas. When that quality of life is threatened, we must unite together to protect our citizens.

We are at a critical stage in our community regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been an alarmingly significant increase in COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization over the last 10 days. This follows a spike in the positivity rate, which has led to an exponential surge in active cases in our community. This increase has greatly impacted the availability of ICU beds and general medical beds, as well as staffing in our hospitals.

If we continue to see an increase in this rate, then we could run out of space and staff not only for COVID

patients but for patients with other medical needs, as well. We could overwhelm our doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who have already been working countless hours to care for all of their patients.

We all need to take care of the people who take care of us. Our community is the frontline defense for COVID-19. You have the power to make a difference.

Local businesses also need your help and support so they can continue to feed the economy and their own households. Equally important is ensuring that our children can continue to learn, grow and thrive in the classroom as they always have.

We cannot turn our situation around without the help of this community. Please join our team as we finish this marathon together. While we anticipate the vaccine becoming available in the coming months, we are not at the finish line yet. By following the proper precautions – wearing a mask over your nose and mouth, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings and washing your hands often – you can help restore San Angelo back to the healthy, thriving place it was before we were hit with COVID-19.”

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