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CONNECTICUT — There have been 2,015 confirmed deaths among nursing home residents attributed to the coronavirus in Connecticut, according to the latest weekly update released Thursday by Gov. Ned Lamont. That's an increase of 131 fatalities from last week's report. There were another 527 "probable" deaths due to the virus.

Across the state's assisted living facilities, the COVID-19 death toll is 269, which is 29 more than reported the previous week. The death of another 68 residents was likely due to the virus, according to the governor's report.

The total number of confirmed positive coronavirus cases in the state's nursing home communities is 8,517 residents, up 195 from last week. There are 1,041 confirmed cases of the virus among assisted living facility residents, up from 1,007 cases the previous week.

The cumulative number of deaths among nursing home residents is based upon data reported by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. For public health surveillance, COVID-19-associated deaths include persons who tested positive for COVID-19 around the time of death (laboratory-confirmed) and persons whose death certificate lists COVID-19 disease as a cause of death or a significant condition contributing to death (probable). The cumulative number of residents with confirmed COVID-19 is obtained from data reported by individual assisted living facilities to the Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plan web-based reporting system.

This week's report is the first to include data from the Point Prevalence Survey, introduced in early May. PPS is a strategy in which the infection status of all residents in a facility can be determined so that people who are potentially infectious can be separated from other residents in the facility. The PPS initiative was designed to help contain outbreaks, and not to establish the burden of COVID-19 in nursing homes. For this initiative, nursing homes were urged to test all residents who had not previously tested positive for COVID-19. Differences in survey timing will impact the number of positive results that a nursing home reports.

The following is a list of every nursing home in Connecticut with residents who have tested positive for COVID-19, along with corresponding data related to the number of residential cases and fatalities among residents in each facility. Nursing homes that have completed a Point Prevalence Survey are indicated with an asterisk.

You may navigate the table page-by-page using the arrow at its top right, or search for information using the tool in the top left of the chart:

The list below shows assisted living facilities reporting at least one resident with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases in their facility as of June 2:

Across Connecticut, CT Patch

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