Doctors work to help COVID “Long haulers”

Ya-Marie Sesay

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Doctors say many people are dealing with severe COVID-19 symptoms months after they’ve recovered, and they’re trying to find the reason behind it.

It’s known as a post-COVID-19 syndrome, or COVID long haul.

6 News reporter Ya-Marie Sesay spoke to a Lansing woman yesterday, and she says she has symptoms like body aches, neurological issues, and more.

Health experts at the University of Michigan say since COVID-19 is still all so new, they’re in the process of starting research to help these patients.

“There was just even about a month ago sitting on this chair would have killed me. It hurt so bad to sit the circulation was so bad in certain areas of my body. That to sit down alone was excruciating,” said Nellie Corzo, a Lansing woman suffering from the COVID-19 long haul.

Corzo says she’s desperate for answers.

Health experts at the University of Michigan say there are many people just like her.

“We know that after people leave the ICU for other conditions besides covid they can also experience symptoms like this afterward like shortness of breath, physical deconditioning, neurological symptoms. There’s a lot we don’t understand about why people who might not have been that sick still get these symptoms,” said Thomas Valley, assistant professor in pulmonary critical care at the University of Michigan.

Thomas valley at the University of Michigan says they try their best to treat the symptoms. But most times – lab results from his patients come back normal.

“These tests are just showing hey their pulmonary function is normal or their CT scan looks normal,” said valley.

Right now Valley says all he can do is give his patients reassurance.

“Telling them that I believe that they have these symptoms, that I recognize that they have these symptoms because I think many people might feel like these symptoms might get brushed off especially since many of these symptoms are fairly subjective,” said Valley.

Valley says he has a patient who’s been dealing with these post-covid symptoms for over a year, but he hopes to find answers soon.

“My hope is that over time many of these patients their symptoms just got better but we don’t know that yet. It’s really both disappointing, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t have something better to offer the many patients,” said valley.

Corzo says she’s remaining hopeful.

“It’s kind of been a rollercoaster. I don’t want to say I’m not giving up, I’m looking for answers. Continuing going to the doctors, been in and out of the hospital seeking answers.”

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