East Texas Has Some of The Highest COVID Infection Rates in State

The number of  confirmed COVID-19 cases in Texas is now up to over 13,000.  Harris County (Houston), with over 3500 positive COVID-19 cases, accounts for over 25% of all documented cases in the Lone Star State.  While that’s very concerning, do keep in mind that the population of Harris County is nearly 4.7 million people.  When you break that down, it means that 1 out of every 1319 persons (1: 1319) in Harris County has tested positive, or 0.076% of the entire population.

That’s a relatively small number, especially when you compare it to the ratio of some of the biggest COVID-19 hot spots in the U.S. For instance, the ratio in New York City is around 1 positive case for every 80 persons (1: 80) or in New Orleans, where the ratio is 1 in 70 (1: 70).

So, which counties in Texas have the highest per capita rates of positive COVID-19 cases?

Harris County is not in the top ten, however, several counties in East Texas did make the top ten.  Something to point out is that I’m taking this data from the infection2020.com website.  I’m also only including Texas counties that have reported over 5 positive COVID-19 cases.

With that being said, it looks like the biggest hot spots in the Lone Star State (when it comes to per capita positives) are in the Panhandle, southeast Texas, and Deep East Texas.

Donley County which is located near Amarillo has reported 23 positive cases.  Given its total county population of around 3300, that gives Donley County one positive COVID-19 cases per every 144 people (1: 144).  That’s the highest ratio in Texas.

Matagorda County, southwest of Houston, is the second highest in the state with a ratio of 1: 746.  But, then we move to the Pineywoods for the 3rd and 4th highest per capita positive cases in the state.  Shelby County, with 34 cases and a overall county population of 25,400, has one positive for every 748 (1: 748) people, and San Augustine County has 9 confirmed COVID-19 cases and an overall population of 8200, which breaks down to 1 positive for every 915 (1: 915).

Nacogdoches County is in the top 15 in the state with a positive to population ratio of 1: 1429 or 0.070%.  According to the Nacogdoches County Emergency Management Office, the county now has 46 positive COVID-19 cases.  The population of Nacogdoches County is 65,711.

Other counties in Deep East Texas have the following ratios:

Angelina – 16 cases, population 87,092, 1: 5443 or 0.018% of populationPolk – 9 cases, population 50,031, 1: 5559 or 0.018% of populationTrinity – 3 cases, population 14,740, 1: 4913 or 0.02% of populationCherokee – 6 cases, population 52,592, 1: 8765 or 0.011% of populationTyler – 4 cases, population 21,696, 1: 5424 or 0.018% of populationJasper – 7 cases, population 35,872, 1:  5125 or 0.02% of population

Top 10 Texas Counties of COVID-19 cases (expressed as a ratio to overall county population, with more than 5 cases confirmed):

Donley County – 23 Cases, Pop – 3319, (1: 144 or 0.69%)Matagorda County – 49 Cases, Pop – 36,552, (1: 746 or 0.13%)Shelby County – 34 Cases, Pop – 25,418 (1: 748 or 0.13%)San Augustine County – 9 Cases, Pop – 8,232 (1: 915 or 0.11%)Washington County (Brenham) – 36 Cases, Pop – 35,108 (1: 975 or 0.10%)Galveston County – 341 Cases, Pop – 337,890 (1: 991 or 0.10%)Moore County (Panhandle) – 21 Cases, Pop – 21,485 (1: 1023 or 0.098%)Victoria County – 76 Cases, Pop – 92035 (1: 1211 or 0.083%)Hardin County – 47 Cases, Pop – 57207(1: 1217 or 0.082%)Lubbock County – 249 Cases, Pop – 307412 (1: 1245 or 0.081%)

These were the numbers available as of 4/11, COVID-19 data will change often.

The confirmed number of COVID-19 cases in Texas remains extremely low when compared to the overall population of the Lone Star State.  Using the current data, one of our every 2,200 persons statewide has tested positive, or 0.04%.  Still, it is believed that the actual number of positive cases is quite a bit higher than what is being reported.

The ultimate takeaway is that we should continue to adhere to the directions given by authorities so that we can continue to flatten the curve of this pandemic.


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