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we urge viewers to share community needs and efforts that are being made at the community level to stay ahead of the Covid-19. Local leaders and innovators will be introducing new ideas and resources to assist consumers in these very difficult times.

In addition, due to all the concerns and anxiety over the Covid-19, consumers throughout the State have been purchasing necessary household goods which has resulted in shortages of many items. However, grocery stores are assuring customers that necessary items will be replenished and there are no shortages in the supply line. We urge our viewers to utilize this section of discussion of shortages of household supplies and other resources that might be in shortage in each region of Texas. We also request service providers and local vendors  to outline options for household deliveries, curb pickups, special deliveries for the poor and the elderlies, and other government or non-profit programs that might be available. Please submit your feedback by the region where you live by reviewing the healthcare Region Map.

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