Houston Astros Carlos Correa on his efforts to help the community amid COVID-19

HOUSTON – Baseball season will probably look a bit different this year but that’s not stopping Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa from staying busy.

From food distribution to donating medical supplies, the Correa Family Foundation is pitching in to help many Houstonians.

“We’ve been shifting our focus a little bit trying to help hospitals not only here in Houston but also in Puerto Rico, and trying to help those in most need,” said 25-year-old star who is social distancing with his wife Daniella in their Houston home.

“I got my gym equipment here. I’m working out every morning, I’ve been hitting, I’ve got a cage in my backyard. I’ve been staying in shape for whenever we get that call that the season is about to start again, “said Correa, who during the pandemic collaborated with a medical equipment company for a donation of over $500,000 in medical supplies to the City of Houston.

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We are delighted to announce the donation of over $500,000 in medical equipment that will temporarily serve the City of Houston during the COVID-19 pandemic, and later be donated to underequipped hospitals in the poorest regions of Central America. Special thank you to Laura Rodríguez, CEO at @kindredhealth and @nacchelp for the collaboration.  The items include surgical equipment, exercise and rehabilitation machines, high-tech manikin for CPR training, numerous IV poles, chairs, cabinets, accessible toilets for disabled patients, and much more. @correa_family_foundation

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“Hitting home runs and all of that is nice, those personal goals are nice, but when you cross that bridge and start helping others and inspiring others, and bringing happiness to other people’s life, that’s what makes me go to sleep happy every single night,” said Correa, who in partnership with NACC Disaster Services, helped deliver 2,500 meals per day during the crisis in our city for firefighters, police officers and people on the front lines.

“We’re working now with Borden to send 15,000 gallons of milk every single day and those are available to the public here in Houston,” said Correa.

The gallons of milk can be picked up, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on 16605 Air Center Blvd, Houston.

Correa hasn’t forgotten his native island, Puerto Rico, which is still recovering after a series of earthquakes and provided nearly $3,000,000 of donated medical supplies including ventilators, personal protective equipment and disinfectant.

Courtesy: (Correa Family Foundation)

To donate to the Correa Family Foundation, click here.

To watch Correa’s complete interview, watch the video above.

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