Houston-based company creates at-home COVID-19 tests

HOUSTON- Houston-based imaware is now offering at-home COVID-19 testing.

The company started off by creating at-home celiac disease tests, cardiovascular health tests and more a few years ago.

“We had built this platform that allowed patients, doctors and labs all to be connected digitally to allow you to screen from home, monitor from home and get telemedicine. When COVID started to ramp up back in January, I kind of thought, ‘Hey we need to do something here’,” explained imaware cofounder, Jani Tuomi.

One of the first decisions the company made was that a healthcare professional would go to the patient’s home to administer the test in order to minimize the risk of inaccurate results.

“I tried one of those tests in the nose and it really hurt and it was something you just couldn’t do yourself, so that’s when we really realized that the imaware platform with all these healthcare professionals would be something that could help a lot of people,” explained Tuomi.

After the test is taken, people will receive their results within 72 hours.

For now, their focus is on getting the tests to people that are high risk and are not able to leave their homes.

“We’ve had a lot of people reach out and say kind things from ‘God bless you to thank you for everything you are doing,’ because the people we are targeting and helping are people who are unable to leave their homes. They turn on media and see long lines outside drive-throughs, they see people going into their doctors and getting friendly care and you know they are unable to get that,” explained Tuomi.”

The tests are $135 and you do have to qualify based on CDC guidelines to order one, however, their online screening and risk assessment is free and open to everyone.

“That’s why we want people even if they aren’t taking our tests to go and do the online assessment, even that little peace of mind that taking an online quiz can bring, you can see ‘Hey, I’m low risk because I haven’t been exposed, because I haven’t been coughing a certain way, I do not have a certain temperature,’ and just that little bit can help a lot of people,” said Tuomi.

Currently, the at-home testing is only available in the greater Houston area.

imaware partnered with the Houston Health Department to provide some free at-home tests for people that are not able to leave their homes. To see if you qualify, give the health department a call at 832-393-4220.

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