Houston ‘Flattened The Curve’ On COVID-19 Cases, Says Officials

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo joined Harris County Public Health to discuss concerns and updates about how the county is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. In the speech, it was announced that Houston has “flattened the curve” referring to COVID-19 cases. Still, officials are urging locals to continue practicing social distancing tactics.

Judge Hidalgo took to the podium on the live chat to commend Harris County on their social distancing measures, which have impacted the number of cases in the area. 

She continued to say that we should not be changing our practices to make sure that we keep the numbers lower than before. “We are not lucky or special,” she stated, “we have gotten through this from working together.”

The judge promoted helping out local businesses by telling the public that they can “still support businesses with delivery and take-out.”

Dr. Esmaeil Porsa from Harris Health System took to the podium after Hidalgo to talk about the “flattening of the curve” in Houston and what locals should be doing.


“We are still experiencing way too many COVID-19 cases,” Dr. Porsa claimed. “I want us to be mindful of the danger that remains.” He urged Houstonians to “double down on doing everything we can as we take steps to reclaim our lives.” 

After once again congratulating Harris County on lowering numbers from earlier weeks, he said: “If you can stay home, please do so as much as possible and practice immaculate hygiene.”


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Posted by ReadyHarris on Friday, May 1, 2020

Dr. Shah also had a statement for the public, sharing that opening Texas “is not about returning our social lives back to normal” so locals should not be going out “unless you’re using an essential business or an open business.” 

He insisted that it is crucial that “anyone over 65 or with risk  factors really should continue to be staying at home.”

The Harris County officials wrapped up the press conference live stream with questions from the public.


When you head to the store to wear your face covering and stay at least 6 ft away from others. This helps protect those around you. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3eHY7DM.
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Posted by ReadyHarris on Friday, May 1, 2020

ReadyHarris and the Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management will continue to schedule these live COVID-19 updates to keep the community informed.

You can follow them on Twitter here to be notified of any upcoming live streams.

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