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AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The ultimate <ASK> and <GIVE>. Ron Lynch created the organization in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to connect people in need with people who can give. Intellihelp defines itself as a globally networked community including 13 countries - and counting - designed for empathy, equity, generosity, and care during the crisis.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the United States and around the world, people naturally want to help others in whatever way they can. But how? Now, those with the means to help others affected by COVID-19 can do so via a popular new Facebook Group. Intellihelp is supporting volunteer operations in the US and has already expanded globally to five more countries to date.

The Intellihelp group is already over 48,000 people strong and offers members a community where they can help a neighbor by "simply bringing a needed item while respecting privacy and social distancing."

There are in-country operations online in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, and Australia, with more coming online soon.

'Intellihelp' Answers the Need for on the Ground, Community-Based COVID-19 Support

Austin-ite Ron Lynch, founder of Big Baby Agency, devised a way to make it easy for community members to connect with people in need in their own cities, right now. On Saturday, March 14th, he launched the initiative as a new public Facebook group called Intellihelp. The group allows members to quickly and easily respond to neighbors in need of food, transportation, and other necessities as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

"If you're stuck at home and need help; if you are out of work and short of food; if you have a child or pet that needs supplies; we are here to help," Lynch posted to the group.

Here's how it works:

First, a person in need posts the word "HELP," their general location, and a summarized request of what they need to the group.Then, someone in their area responds with "GOT THIS" and sends a private message to that person to coordinate the delivery of whatever it is they need.

Supporting the Growing Intellihelp Volunteer Base

A GoFundMe has been established to help support volunteers cover food, medicine, and recruitment expenses. "The job of managing this growth and service is 24-7 and we need to support our volunteers," organizers Lynch and his business partner Bing Howenstein shared in the fundraiser's description. "Some of the 87 volunteers are taking time away from their paying gigs to do this, most are completely volunteer - and many of those have no other income at this time."

Those interested in making a donation to support Intellihelp can do so at
Website  Our Volunteer SignUp Form
Facebook Group

Media Contact: Lisa Buyer,, 561-703-8555
Ron Lynch and Bing Howenstein are available for media interviews  Notion page - can be shared with anyone to explain what we are doing  GoFundMe page  Notion Page for internal Sharing - - includes GDrive access and Moderator Training  Our US based SWAG store  the new website for askers and givers to enter

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