KSAT Community Giving Tuesday: San Antonio Zoo

Kiersten Ehr

SAN ANTONIO – Our local nonprofits in San Antonio need help from the community now more than ever due to COVID-19 affecting its daily operations.

With an overwhelming response from the community, 34 nonprofit organizations reached out to KSAT Community to be potentially featured for Wishlist Wednesday.

Instead of highlighting one nonprofit for Wishlist Wednesday this week, KSAT Community will be hosting Giving Tuesday to help 34 organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how the San Antonio Zoo needs support during the pandemic, please see below on the Q&A from the nonprofit.

Q. What is the mission/goal of the nonprofit?

A. San Antonio Zoo®, operated by San Antonio Zoological Society, is a non-profit organization committed to securing a future for wildlife.

Q. How does the nonprofit help the community?

A. Through its passion and expertise in animal care, conservation, and education, the zoo’s mission is to inspire its community to love, engage with, act for and protect animals and the places they live. The zoo welcomes more than a million visitors each year and is open year-round.

Q. How has COVID-19 impacted your nonprofit?

A. San Antonio Zoo closed its gates on March 13, and we are experiencing unprecedented times in regards to our closure and COVID-19’s impact both locally and worldwide.

Almost every business in the country, especially those that serve the public, like our zoo, has been drastically impacted. Sadly, many businesses/institutions will not survive this. Our zoo, unlike most zoos in the country, depends on 100% of the ticket sales, guest spending, grants, and donations to operate. With no visitors, the zoo has lost almost the entirety of its income, and March, in particular, is one of our most significant revenue months, so the timing of COVID-19’s impact was a huge hit to us financially.

As our lives continue to be affected by COVID-19, SA Zoo’s animals are doing well and are being cared for by our amazing animal care team.

Q. What type of donations do you need?

A. Financial.

Q. Do you need volunteers?

A. No.

Q. How can the community help?

A. Donate to Emergency Fund, create a fundraising team, follow us on social media and spread the word.



Facebook page:



3903 N. St. Mary’s St San Antonio, Texas 78212.


Share your appreciation for our community: Send a frontline worker a virtual message

To see the full list of KSAT Community Giving Tuesday nonprofits featured, click here.

KSAT Community operates in partnership with University Health System, Energy Transfer and Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union.

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