Many San Antonio voters confident COVID-19 will be under control within 3 months, but economy will slog behind

RJ Marquez

SAN ANTONIO – The aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic looms in the San Antonio and South Texas area but there is optimism the virus will be under control over the next year, according to the latest Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll.

Likely Bexar County voters were asked if they thought, looking ahead, that the coronavirus pandemic will generally be under control in the greater San Antonio area or not?

The same group of people were also asked if they thought the economy in the greater San Antonio area will have recovered or not? The answers for that specific question were not as optimistic.

The poll was split into three different sample groups. The first subsample was asked if the virus would be in control within three months.

60% of people who took the survey believed it would be under control in that time frame while 28% said it wouldn’t

(Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll)

The second subsample was asked if the virus would be under control within six months. The percentage increases to 70% under control compared to 14% not under control.

The final subsample group was asked if the same question with a 12-month time frame. 68% believed the pandemic would be under control in a year and 20% felt it would not be under control.

Overall, two-thirds (66%) of people surveyed felt the pandemic would be under control in a year. 21% did not believe it would be under control and 13% did not know or their response was not available.

“From a public health perspective, although that is their most immediate and still primary concern, their expectation is that within the next couple of months, that element of the problem will be handled,” said Dave Metz, president of FM3 Research, the firm that conducted the online and phone survey.

(Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report Poll: Views on virus control and the economy over next 12 months.)

When it came to thoughts about the economy, the percentages notably dropped.

Of the subsample asked whether the economy would recover in three months, only one-third (33%) believed that would be the case while 57% believed we would not have recovered by then.

In the subsample asked about the economy recovering in six months, only 41% believed we will recover from the pandemic in that time frame while 47% believed we will have not recovered.

The third subsample was asked if they felt the San Antonio area’s economy would recover in 12 months.

Only half of the people surveyed in that group (50%) felt our economy would be back to where it was before the pandemic compared to 38% who did not.

(Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll)

“Voters expectations are that the public health issues will be resolved relatively soon, but that we are in for a longer struggle in getting the economy back on its feet,” said Metz.

It’s important to note the poll was conducted from April 16-20 when Texas was still under an executive Stay-at-Home order.

Gov. Greg Abbott allowed the order to expire on April 30 and businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and malls were allowed to reopen at a limited capacity.

It was the first part of Abbott’s plan to restart the Texas economy, with the second part taking place in mid-May when barbershops, bars, gyms and fitness studios would possibly reopen if the state was able to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Bexar Facts-KSAT-Rivard Report poll is the first public opinion measure conducted locally since the pandemic began and was the second of 2020 released by the Bexar Facts partnership.

The poll included responses from 668 registered Bexar County voters of different income and education levels, race, age, gender and political party affiliation.

Four out of five respondents answered in English, while one out of five answered in Spanish. The poll’s margin of error is 4 percent.

Didn’t get called for the poll, but still want to have your voice heard? Take the poll, via Bexar Facts, here or comment below

See the full poll below:

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