Reopening is a slow process that will take teamwork, Hidalgo says

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HOUSTON – Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo will be holding a news conference to announce new COVID-19 community guidelines as Texas reopens.

The stay-home order for the county expired Thursday and several businesses across the county are opening back up after being closed from months.

97 new cases 1 new death outside the city of Houston.One day of data doesn’t make a trend, but it’s a reminder that the virus doesn’t respect dates. I want our society back open yesterday, Hidalgo said. People have lost a lot, but we cannot ignore what is right around the corner: the resurgence of a virus that can knock us back down and put us back where we started.Reopening doesn’t mean mission accomplished. If the virus spread like wildfire and the hospitals start running out of space, we will have to shut back down. If we can open step by step, there is a chance we can succeed.Hidalgo said she will be reissuing her order today to conform with Abbott’s order. Just because you can open, doesn’t mean you should. Three-step plan to help reopen.Fourth “T” in strategy to reopen: teamworkDr. Esmaeil Porsa, President and CEO of the Harris Health System, gave three steps to make it work:We have managed to flatten the curve an that is great news. But, our work is far from over. Our success has not come easy or cheap. People have all suffered over the past few weeks, but because of the sacrifices, we can realistically talk about reopening. Please remain vigilant and on guard. The struggle against the pandemic is not over. There are still new cases every day and people are continuing to die, but thanks to the community, the numbers look better. We are still experiencing way too many cases to become non-committal. We need to be mindful of the danger that remains. If you can stay home, please do so as much as possible.Practice immaculate hygiene. When in public, please cover your face and continue to wash your hand and observe social distancing.Please support contact tracing. This will be an integral step tp our success. We are all in this together. Keep notice of everyone you have been around. We are asking you to be thinking of that in case you test positive and we need to contact people you have been around.We were predicted to be the next domino to fall, but others don’t know the people of Harris County. We got here because of the efforts taken to contain the spread. We are not lucky. Residents of Harris County are strong and resilient and put in the work to help contain the spread.The community has done a fantastic job, but we cannot let our guard down. This is not the time to think everything is back to normal.Real reason to believe effective treatment is coming soon.

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