TCYNK-001- Immuno trial for covid-19 cleared by FDA

The TCYNK-001 is an immunotherapy treatment primarily developed to treat certain types of cancers and tumors.  Due to its ability to infuse natural killer cells (NK Cells), the company  Celularity wants to test the drug for covid-19 treatment. FDA recently cleared the drug for a phase I/II clinical study up to 86 patients. The NK cells will be administered intravenously.

According to Celularity, the NK cells could kill cells infected by Covid-19 virus and also help improve the inflammation caused by the immune system. Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), a non-profit based in Seattle is also participating in the trial. We will continue to monitor trial results and will have another update on this treatment soon. For more details on this drug please check Celularity website.

About the Author: Syed Aman- TexasCovid19

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