Texas Distillers shifting gears to produce hand sanitizers due to covid-19

Due to a large shortage of hand sanitizers across the state, many local distillers are shifting their focus to start producing hand sanitizers for the public and health care community. Here are a few examples of local efforts.

Gulf Coast_ a Houston based company has already started to manufacture hand sanitizers (brand name:CFU)  from ethanol. They have partnered with another company to start supplying their sanitizers in there area. Please check their website for further information.
Tito’s vodka from Austin is another distiller that plans to start hand sanitizer production with 24 tons of intial batch and will make it availabe free to the public.
Several San Antonio based such as  Craft Distillery, Artisan on Alamo Distillery, Dorcol Distilling & Brewing Company are all moving forward in producing hand sanitizers.

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About the Author: Syed Aman- TexasCovid19

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