Tracking coronavirus: Interactive maps, charts show spread of COVID-19 across Houston, rest of Texas

To keep you up-to-date with the ever-growing number of COVID-19 cases in Houston, Texas and the rest of the world, the Houston Chronicle has come up with a few eye-catching, but easy-to-use interactives, based on our reporting and official data from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

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If you’re mostly concerned with the spread of coronavirus specifically in Houston, you may find this bar graph helpful. It shows the total number of confirmed cases in the Bayou City area, sorted by date.

The next chart breaks down the number of active cases in Houston-area counties, including Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, Brazoria, Liberty, Chambers and Waller.

Up next, the number of new confirmed cases in the Houston region by date.

For an overview of the Lone Star State, we’ve got the Texas Coronavirus Map, one of the only comprehensive case trackers for the region.

The next two charts help break down the number of cases in Texas.

Coronavirus-related deaths are also becoming increasingly common in for Texas.

Testing is also becoming much more available across Texas. Sorted by date, these charts show the total number of people tested in Texas for the novel coronavirus.

If you’re looking for national and international numbers related to the pandemic, the Associated Press is a great resource. One AP graphic gives an overview of how coronavirus is impacting each U.S. state., including the total number of confirmed cases and deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins.

Another bar graph highlights the massive spike in U.S. coronavirus cases since March 9, according to numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO).

As of March 19, there are more than 200,000 COVID-19 cases worldwide — and you can see the full breakdown below.

The disease primarily began its spread in China, and another map shows how different regions were affected:

We’ll be adding to this list as we create more interactives, so be sure to subscribe to for all the latest news and analysis. To stay on top of everything pandemic-related, check out our Coronavirus landing page.

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