Can the Covid-19 virus contract through food or packaging materials

Food and Covid-19 virus
According to CDC there is no evidence to support that the covid-19 virus can be spread through food. Individuals however should be very creful in preparing food and avoid any direct coughing, sneezing etc directly on the food. Other precautions such as washing hands and washing raw vegetables thoroughly are also recommended. It is important to note that the virus is considered to enter humans through respiratory droplets.
Package materials and Covid-19 virus
There is currently no evidence that supports that the covid-19 virus can spread from packaging materials if handled properly. It is recommended that individuals should wash hands after they have handled packages as covid-19 virus may stay on cardboards for up to 24 hours. Some people use hand sanitizer wipes or sprays on cardboard packages as a precautionary measure to destroy the virus. Another option is to leave the package outside for a few days before opening. If you are getting food deliveries it is equally important to wash hands after food packages have been opened and as a precaution to dispose those packages in a safe manner.

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