What does your blood type say about your risk of COVID-19 or cancer?


AUSTIN (KXAN) — Research suggests your blood type may put you at an increase risk of cancer or other serious diseases.

“Knowing your blood type increases your chances of being healthy. It can give you a better understanding of your risk of illness,” said Sarah Toney of Any Lab Test Now.

The local blood testing lab has seen increased demand from people asking if their blood type puts them at risk of COVID-19.

“There are studies that show people with blood type O may be less vulnerable to COVID-19 infections,” Toney said, but added more research is needed.

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However, there is research suggesting a link between blood types and other illnesses. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute found people with blood type A have a bacteria causing inflammation and ulcers in their stomach, making them more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those with Type O blood.

Separate studies show people with blood type A or B, may have a higher risk of heart problems which may be especially stressful if you have blood type A.

“Type A has a higher level of cortisol, so they may have a harder time coping with stress,” Toney said, while those with blood type O have a lower risk of heart disease.

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Do you know your type? A recent survey of 500 adults (age 18 – 64) commissioned by Any Lab Test Now found:

More than a third surveyed (37%) have no clue about their blood type.More than half (58%) have never even thought about it.More than half surveyed (51%) have no clue how we get our blood type and others falsely believe blood type is partly determined by weight, height, or diet.

Toney says knowing your blood type is especially important now.

“This pandemic has more people than ever monitoring their health,” Toney says.

Here’s a list of different blood types, determined only by genetics.

A+, one of the most common blood types in the United States.A-, a rare blood type only seen in 6.4% of people in the U.S.B+, an important blood type used to treat people with sickle cell disease.B-, only found in 1 in every 61 people and always in high demand.AB+, anyone with this blood type can receive any type of blood donation.AB-, The rarest of blood types, yet anyone can receive AB- plasma via transfusion.O+, the most common blood type and the most needed for the blood supply.O-, most often used in trauma cases when a patient’s blood type is unknown.

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